Top 10 Dog Cold Weather Coats

All dogs need proper exercise, even in the cold winter months. When pet owners wear coats outside, we often assume that our dogs need coats too. While dogs do have a coat of fur to keep them warm many experts often recommend that dogs also wear winter coats when it’s cold outside. Winter coats can keep your dog warm, make them more likely to get exercise in the cold, and also help them look great. Here are some of the top winter coats for dogs that they will surely love.

1. Vecomfy Fleece and Cotton Lining Extra Warm Dog Hoodie in Winter, Small Dog Jacket Puppy Coats with Hooded

If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable and warm coat for your dog this may be the perfect one for you. This warm coat features an outer lining to help keep your dog waterproof. It features an inner lining made of warm cotton to keep your dog extra warm in the coldest months. It features three buttons on the bottom of the coat for easy on and off. It also includes a hood for your dog to help keep their head and ears warm and safe from the wind. This is an extremely affordable option if you want to shop on a budget.

2. ExPAWLORER Winter Self Warming Dog Down Coat Cozy Waterproof Lightweight Reversible Classic Long Collar Dog Fleece Vest Cold Weather Jacket for Hiking Outdoor Red Black

This great winter coat is made from polyester fiber and cotton wool to help keep your dog warm. It contains a self-heating material that allows your dog’s body temperature to warm up the coat and recirculate inside the coat to stay extra warm. This coat is reversible so you can wear it in two different ways. It features a neck portion of the coat that allows your dog’s neck to also stay warm. The coat features a small pocket to help you store your necessities.

3. PetBoBo Cat Dog Doggie Down Jacket Hoodie Coat Pet Clothes Warm Clothing for Small Dogs Winter

This incredibly cute winter coat resembles a coat that most pet owners would wear. It features arms, a hood, and a fur surrounding to make your dog look stylish. This coat is offered in many different sizes and colors to meet your exact needs. While most coats do not allow for your dog’s arms to be covered, this one does. It can help keep your dog warm no matter how cold it gets with the comfortable down material.

4. Small Dog Winter Shearling Fleece Warm Coat for Small Medium Breeds Dog

This is another great option for a winter coat because it is guaranteed to keep your dog warm. It features a unique design to help your dog stand out. It is made of one hundred percent polyester to ensure its durability, lightweight design and windproof features. This coat is also easy to keep clean because it is machine washable. It features a velcro closure so it is easy to get the coat on and off.

5. Dog Winter Jacket Plaid Cold Weather Pet Apparel Small Medium Large

This plaid winter coat is ideal for pet owners and dogs who love plaid. This coat features a creative design that also includes a pocket for added convenience. The coat is made of polyester and cotton so it is guaranteed to keep your dog warm and waterproof. It is very breathable and this helps your dog stay warm without sweating.

6. SlowTon Winter Dog Coat, Warm Polar Fleece Lining Doggie Outdoor Jacket with Turtleneck Scarf Reflective Stripe Adjustable Waterproof Windproof Puppy Vest Soft Pet Outfits

This winter coat has a unique design to help keep your dog stay warm. It includes a large neck warmer to help your dog’s neck stay warm in addition to their body. This turtleneck collar can be rolled up or down as needed and adjusted using the drawstring to achieve an optimal fit. This coat is wind and water resistant because of its polyester exterior fabric. The layers allow your dog to stay insulated while being able to move around effortlessly. The flexible design of this court helps your dog have a free range of motion of their legs so they will enjoy their exercise even more.

7. PET ARTIST Winter Puppy Dog Coats for Small Dogs, Cute Warm Fleece Padded Pet Clothes Apparel Clothing

If you are looking for a truly one of a kind coat this is it. This coat is specifically designed for very small dogs. Since small dogs have a hard time staying warm in cold weather this padded coat helps insulate your dog on all legs and around their neck. This coat is made of high-quality materials and is both splash proof and windproof to help protect your dog from the weather elements. It features a button closure with elastic legs.

8. Fitwarm Fuzzy Thermal Turtleneck Dog Clothes Winter Outfits Pet Jumpsuits Cat Coats Velvet Grey

This well designed and sleek style coat is ideal for pet owners who want their dogs to look their very best. This coat features a turtleneck design to help keep the neck of all dogs warm. It features two buttons on the collar and a pullover design. All four legs are covered to ensure maximum warmth. It is made of a double sided velvet material, polyester, and nylon to ensure comfort and warmth.

9. SCPET Dog Winter Coat Cozy Waterproof Windproof Vest Winter Coat Warm Dog Apparel Cold Weather Dog Jacket XS-3XL

This coat is available in a very large selection of sizes to ensure that you get the right fit for your dog. This is a very affordable dog coat that is guaranteed to keep your dog warm. This coat features a collar that can either be pulled up over the neck or folded down, depending on your dog’s personal preference. This coat also includes a zipper to keep any belongings that you may have. It is made of a thick flannel lining and a cotton layer. It is also waterproof on the outermost layer. Unlike other coats, this one also leaves a small hole available to move the leash right through.

10. Fragralley Dog Coats with Warm Detachable Hat, Pet Clothes Jacket Winter Hoodie Anxiety Vest, Soft and Waterproof

This coat is different from all other coats because it features a detachable hat that you can leave on or take off depending on weather conditions. This coat is waterproof and windproof because it is made of a nylon material. It features a breathable layer to ensure that your dog is able to be comfortable, while also being warm. This metal snap helps reduce your dog’s ease and anxiety about wearing a coat. If your dog is unwilling to try new things, this is the perfect starter coat.