Top 10 Dog Costumes

Whether it is Halloween or you just want your dog to look extra adorable, you should always have a costume ready for your dog. You never know when the next themed party will arise so you should invest in a costume today so that you are ready in the future. Pet costumes are an ideal way to get your dog to look extra special and cute for a day. Pet owners love to dress up and so do most dogs. If you want your dog to have a great time and enjoy themselves you may want to invest in a costume for them and maybe a matching one for you. Here are some of the most adorable and unique dog costumes.

1. TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane – Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs – Complementary Lion Mane for Dog Costumes – Lion Wig for Medium to Large Sized Dogs Lion Mane Wig for Dogs

Every dog would love to have the strength and speed of a lion. If you want your dog to look the part of a lion you may highly want to consider this lion mane. It is specifically designed for medium to large sized dogs but looks the best with golden retrievers who already have the lion’s coat. This mane is easy to clean and durable so it will last a very long time. You can use it year after year and scare all your friends when they think your dog is really a lion. This funny and realistic costume is a great way to entertain friends and spice up any party.

2. Scheppend Original Adidog Pet Clothes for Dog Cat Puppy Hoodies Coat Winter Sweatshirt Warm Sweater Dog Outfits

Whether you want your dog to dress up like a runner or an Adidog model, this adorable jumpsuit is ideal for any sized dog. This costume comes in many different sizes to fit your breed. It features a button fly closure so it will stay secure on your dog, but not feel too tight. It is machine washable and available in a variety of colors. It is made of high-quality materials for added durability, but is also very affordable. This costume allows your dog to look like a human for a few hours.

3. Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog and Pet Costume Set – AS SEEN ON Shark Tank – Walking Teddy Bear with Arms

This is one of the most adorable and most popular costumes on the market today. It is sure to get your friends and family laughing because it actually moves. This panda puppy is specifically designed for smaller black and white dogs because the panda colors match perfectly with these colored dogs. This costume features an adjustable face and back so it can fit securely to your dog.

4. Mogoko Funny Dog Cat Shark Costumes, Pet Halloween Christmas Cosplay Dress, Adorable Blue Shark

This shark costume is a great costume for dogs because it works on two levels. You can either showcase your dog as a shark or pretend the shark ate your dog. Both costume ideas are funny and work great. You can use this comfortable and fun costume multiple times throughout the year because it also works great during Shark Week.

5. NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs Clothes Knight Style with Doll and Hat For Halloween DAy PEt Costume

If your dog doesn’t like wearing things and is uncomfortable having things placed around their body and head, you may highly want to consider this costume. This costume allows your dog to have a cowboy ride around their waste, without having to place things around their neck and arms. It helps your dog join in on the fun without having to get stressed out about wearing a costume. You can dress up in a similar costume so that you and your dog match.

6. DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume

This is a great and iconic dog costume for any female dog. Your dog can dress up as Wonder Woman and feel like an invincible hero. This costume is made of high-quality materials and is an ideal costume because you can also dress up with your dog. Pet owners and their dogs can dress up together to attend the next party as superheroes.

7. Dark Green_Stegosaurus Dog Costume

This high-quality dinosaur dog costume is a great way to help set your dog apart from all other dogs. It features a large mouth with teeth and long tail so it is sure to get compliments wherever you go. If you have a dark brown or black dog this costume is ideal because your dog will be able to blend right into the costume itself. This costume covers almost every part of your dog so make sure they are comfortable wearing other types of clothing before trying to get them to wear this one.

8. NACOCO Pet Dog Costume Pirates of The Caribbean Style

One of the most classic costumes of all time, for both pet owners and pets, is a pirate. This dog costume allows your dog to look the part of a real pirate. It includes a pirate hat with the body costume. The costume goes around the front legs of your dog but includes added arms with a pirate hook. This design helps your dog look like they are standing upright when in reality they are not. It will definitely make people stop and look twice.

9. Brown_UPS PAL Dog Costume

Another fun and creative costume for your dog is the UPS delivery man. Rather than having your dog chase the mailman, you can have them dress up as one. This costume is easy to take on and off. It stays secure by going around your dog’s front two legs and velcroing in the back. It features two stuffed arms at the top holding a package to make it look like your dog really is a delivery driver. This costume also includes a hat to complete the costume.

10. BINGPET Security Dog Shirt Summer Clothes for Pet Puppy Tee Shirts Dogs Costumes Cat

If your dog does not like costumes or getting dressed up, but you still want your dog to play the part you can opt to give them a simple SECURITY t-shirt. This shirt will help your dog look like a real security guard without all the added features of other costumes. It is also great for dogs who have a hard time getting around. Many times the added props of costumes can get in a dog’s way, however, this does not have any props to inhibit your dog’s sight or movement. The guests at a party may think that your dog is actually security and they will be on their best behavior around him or her.