Top 10 Animal Ear Dog Treats

Dog treats are some of the best tokens that you can give to your dogs either as a reward or as a distraction. Dogs are known to show behavior that is, at times, destructive, especially if they are bored. The best animal treats are beneficial in dealing with this problem.

So, which animal ear dog treats stand out from the rest, and what makes them stand out? From our research, we managed to gather the top ten animal ear dog treats for your dog and the features that make them stand out. Read along.

Best Bully Sticks Prime Thick-Cut Cow Ear Dog Chews

This dog treat is among the best hence it tops our list. It comes from grass-fed cows. It is also USDA/FD approved for quality and safety; thus, you can use it for your dogs without any worry whatsoever.

This dog treat is all-natural and does not contain any artificial additives. The manufacturers have ensured that no fillers, preservatives, nor chemicals used in its preparation.


  • The dog treats are nutritious and healthy
  • Approval from the USDA and the FDA are a mark of quality and safety
  • It is high in protein and low in fat content
  • There is no presence of harmful chemicals in the treat

Brutus & Barnaby 100% Natural Whole Pig Ear Treat

It is another treat that is of high quality for your dogs. It is USDA approved, and for the safety of use by your dog, it is dog-approved too. A pack contains about 12 to 25 pieces of the treat, which are 100% natural.

The dog treat does not contain any coloring or chemicals. It is free of dye, hence does not stain the carpets or floors. The manufacturers also made sure to remove and wipe off any excess oil to avoid messing the carpets.


  • They are safe and healthy having been approved by the USDA
  • They have no strange or obnoxious smell
  • They are much more costly compared to those products similar to it
  • They are 100% natural with no chemicals and or dyes.

Sancho & Lola’s all-Natural Whole Pig Ears for Dogs

It is a dog treat that is made and produced in the USA. Made from ingredients sourced from hogs raised in the USA. It comes with 12 pieces in a pack. The pig ears are prepared by smoking them to maintain their freshness and retain the natural taste.

It also helps in ensuring that the mouth of your dog is fresh and healthy. The treats are crunchy and savory for the dogs to enjoy. They are also safe for the dog as the pieces do not crumble, eliminating the chances of the dog choking on them.


  • The treat is 100% natural
  • The USDA and FDA approved it as a mark of quality and safety.
  • Crunchy and chewy yet do not crumble
  • They are rich in collagen, chondroitin, and Glucosamine

123 Treats Pig Ears for Dogs

This fully digestible treat has its sources from the USA, Colombia, Canada, and Brazil. It uses only one ingredient and is 100 natural. Its preparation is by irradiating or baking. They do not have any preservatives or coloring and are USDA approved as a mark of quality and safety.

A single pack may carry different counts of the pieces ranging from around 12 to 100. The treats are neither cut nor split and are of high quality.


  • This treat does not cause any stomach upsets to your dog
  • It keeps the teeth and gums healthy and fresh
  • It is also a good source of amino acids and proteins.
  • The cost is economical, especially if you buy the treats in bulk.

Downtown Pet Supply 100% Natural Jumbo Pig Ears

Both the FDA and the USDA certify these 100% natural pig ear treats. They contain no additives, prebiotics, and the manufacturers do not use any preservatives in them. They are prepared by baking in the ovens and then smoked to make them last long and for a much better taste.

These ear treats are big and consistently fresh and also come at a high cost.


  • The treats are 100% natural
  • The USDA and FDA approve them for the dog’s consumption
  • They have no preservatives, antibiotics, or chemicals.

Wild eats water buffalo natural ear dog chews

This treat comes from natural buffalo’s ears. The buffaloes are naturally-bred and grass-fed. It helps the dogs to have clean teeth and gums due to the nature of the texture of the buffalo’s ears. This feature helps in improving the dental hygiene of your dog.

This treat is gluten-free and grain-free and is a rich source of protein for your dog.


  • It is rich in protein
  • It helps promote the dental hygiene of your dog
  • It has no additives nor preservatives
  • It is low in fat, hence maintaining the health of your dog.

Unified Pet Products all-natural premium thick-cut pig ears treat for dogs

This dog treat is a natural product and made in the USA. It is safe and healthy for the consumption of your dog. It contains no additives nor preservatives and has no artificial ingredients. From the manufacturers, they contain no chemicals and no hormones.

This treat is prepared by slowly smoking to retain the natural flavor of the pig ears and provide them with the preservation they need to remain fresh and tasty.


  • They are rich in proteins for the dog
  • Help in the cleaning of the teeth and gums of the dogs
  • They are fully digestible hence eliminating chances of chocking.
  • They are safe and do not cause any digestive issues.

Brutus & Barnaby All Natural Whole Cow Ears for Dogs

This dog treat is hand inspected by the manufacturer to ensure that it adheres to quality before packaging. It is easy to digest as it has cartilage that is soft beneath the skin of the ear.

They help in maintaining the fresh breath of your dog, keeping their teeth and the gums clean. The treat is all-natural and sourced from cattle fed on grass and harvested from the free-range.


  • It is natural with no chemicals or hormones added to it
  • The treat is prepared in such a way to prevent splintering making it safe for the dogs
  • It is 100% natural
  • The hand inspection done on it ensures the quality is maintained

Nature gnaws Large Whole Pig Ears for Dogs

These dog treats are natural and have a tasty pork flavor. It also comes with a chewy texture and a bit rugged will all-natural ingredients. The pack contains around 100 pieces of pig ears with no preservatives, chemicals, or any additional hormones. It is safe for your dog, especially in cases where there are allergies to food, since it is a single ingredient product.

It also helps in the dental health of your dog, hence reducing the chance of the dog getting a plaque build-up or tartar.


  • The treat contains nor added hormones, chemicals nor preservatives
  • It is 100% natural with digestible pieces
  • It is rich in protein and is a much healthier alternative to the hides.
  • The parts are hand-selected and inspected for quality and high standards.

Canine Butcher Shop All natural pork

This dog treat is all-natural with no additives such as flavors, sugar, salt, coloring, or preservatives. It passes through testing to eliminate any bacteria for safety purposes, then cooked and dried. It is 100% natural, with the ears coming from the USDA.

It is useful in cleaning the teeth and gums of your dog, hence improving its dental hygiene.


  • It has no preservatives, coloring, or chemicals
  • The size is much bigger and better
  • They are hand-picked and inspected before packaging
  • It is a single ingredient treat


The animal ears used as dog treats are healthy and rich in proteins. They are natural and are prepared and preserved in ways to ensure no contamination occurs in them. These are treats you can use instead of the artificially processed treats that are mostly synthetic by nature.