Top 10 Dog Lifejackets

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are going to be spending their time outdoors and near the water. When pet owners are spending their time outdoors, this means that dogs will be near the water more too. While many dogs are excellent swimmers there are many dogs that do not know how to swim or cannot swim for long periods of time. If you are going to be near the water it is crucial that all dogs have a lifejacket to help keep them safe during unpredictable times. Here are some of the safest dog life jackets.

1. EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device Dog Life Vest Jacket (DFD)

This is one of the best lifejackets on the market that is guaranteed to help keep your dog safe and secure when the unforeseen happens. This dog life jacket has been tested by companies all over the country to ensure that it helps your dog float and also provides an ergonomically and comfortable fit. It is made of more than fifty percent flotation material compared to other lifejackets. It features adjustable neoprene straps and an ergonomic grab handle to help keep your dog safe and secure. It is overall one of the absolute best life jackets for your dog to remain safe in any condition.

2. Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket Safety Vest with Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle

This lifejacket is available in six different bright colors that can help you find your dog in any weather or outdoor conditions. It comes in four different sizes to help fit most breeds. This life jacket is made of the safest material on the market and features 600D oxford cloth that is extremely durable. It features an ergonomic fit and a handle to help you hold your dog in water or other conditions if needed.

3. Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket

This bright orange life jacket is a great way to help see your dog during any visibility conditions. It features three different adjustable straps to help make this a comfortable fit for all dogs. It includes a harness around the neck to help your dog keep their neck above water. It features one rescue handle for easy rescue and restraint. It is one of the best quality lifejackets on the market at a very affordable price.

4. ASENKU Dog Life Jacket Ripstop Pet Floatation Vest Saver Swimsuit Preserver for Water Safety at The Pool, Beach, Boating

This cute and stylish life jacket for dogs features a shark fin on the top of the jacket to help set it apart from all other lifejackets on the market. The lifejacket is a funny addition to help people find humor even in unfunny situations. This life jacket features three adjustable straps and a rescue handle. It includes a hook on the back of the jacket that can easily attach a leash. This is a multipurpose jacket that is both waterproof and windproof.

5. Vivaglory New Neoprene Sports Style Dog Life Jackets, Snug & Safer Dog Life Vest with Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle

This lifejacket is ideal for small and medium sized dogs because it only comes in a small and medium size. It comes in three different brightly colored jackets to help you easily find your dog in the water. It is a very stylish life jacket that is specifically designed to help your dog feel secure and comfortable. For easy release, the straps and buckles are located on the side of the jacket so that you can easily use the buttons if you need to. This is a unique and one of a kind jacket that is designed to help keep your dog secure.

6. KING Pup Dog Life Jacket – American Flag Life Vest for Puppies and Dogs. Safe and Secure with Extra Padding and American Flag Design

This dog life jacket is designed after the American flag. It features heavy duty material with durable straps that are designed to last. It includes extra padding to help keep your dog secure and safe, as well as reflective strips to help you see your dog in the night. This dog life jacket can easily be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Your dog will not only look great in this jacket, but they will also have more fun swimming and playing in the water.

7. SwimWays Sea Squirts Dog Life Vest w/Fin for Doggie Swimming Safety, Color: Blue

This cute life jacket is ideal for use in a home pool or around the familiar property. It is a blue life jacket that features a shark fin on the back. It is designed for dogs that are over twenty pounds because the minimum weight recommendation to use this jacket is twenty pounds. This lifejacket can help your dog doggie paddle around and give pet owners peace of mind that they will be okay. It is a great way to introduce them to water.

8. SOFITEE Dog Life Jacket Pet Safety Vest, Adjustable Dog Lifesaver Ripstop Pet Life Preserver with Rescue Handle for Small Medium and Large Dogs, 5 Sizes

This dog lifejacket comes in five different sizes that help ensure your dog has the perfect fit each time they go swimming. This gray and orange life jacket features a large and bright orange shark fin. The shark fin is a funny and visible addition to this jacket that is designed to help keep your dog safe and secure. This life jacket features three adjustable straps, a rescue handle, and a dog leash hook.

9. Fragralley High Visibility Dog Life Jacket Safety Vests for Swimming, Superior Buoyancy & Rescue Handle

This high visibility life jacket is made of bright red material with white stripes to help you find your dog in open water. It features three adjustable straps for an adjustable and comfortable fit. It is a very strong life jacket that is incredibly buoyant. It is lightweight so it does not restrict your dog’s movement in or out of the water. It includes a heavy dirty D ring for a dog leash.

10. Fragralley Dog Life Jacket, Unique Wings Design Pet Flotation Life Vest for Small, Middle, Large Size Dogs, Dog Lifesaver Preserver Swimsuit with Handle for Swim, Pool, Beach, Boating

This dog life jacket features a unique design. It is a bright orange life jacket with two winged sections on the back. These winged sections make for a one of a kind design, but also help you find your dog and help them feel more secure in the water. This jacket features a large flotation area under the neck to help your dog keep its head above water even when it is rough outside. It is ideal for all sized dogs because it is available in many different sizes.